Have you wondered what the salaries of the school districts’ superintendents and assistant superintendents in Mississippi are? Do you know how to acquire this public information? Well let me share it with you.

By clicking on the link below, you will see all of the salaries of the superintendents and assistant superintendents in Mississippi. (Thank you, Katie McCustion for requesting and sharing these salaries with us)!!! The last page I have included for you is the Mississippi Department of Education – Office of Public Reporting Request Form. I encourage you to review all of the documents provided.

The following website link, http://reports.mde.k12.ms.us/Form.aspx, will take you directly to MDE’s website. It will open up to the page where the public information request form can be found. All you have to do to receive information such as school district job titles and salaries is fill out the form and email it or mail it to the Office of Public Reporting at the MDE. They respond EXTREMELY fast. There may be a charge for certain information, but MDE will not charge you the exorbitant amount that the local district will. For example, the DeSoto County School District Salaries were sent to me via MDE in response to my public records request. The MSIS Personnel Report for all of our school district employees was approximately 1240 pages long. The electronic file cost roughly $30-$35. Not bad for such worthwhile information! Once your payment has been received, you will have the information sent to you via mail or email within 7 days.

Please keep in mind that asking for hard copies of this information will cost you more and may take a little longer to receive. I have found the employees of the MDE Office of Public Reporting to be very helpful and friendly!!! They have always been willing to accommodate citizens, and I, for one, greatly appreciate that.

Review the following information and comment with any questions that you may have. Remember: Stay informed and stay engaged!! 😊
UPDATE:  I received a question about Milton’s salary being so low, so let me explain this to you all.
Because Milton retired several years ago, so he is collecting full retirement. He can only make in salary 25% of his pre-retirement salary for actually working. When you see the column that says %dist time, it shows what percentage out of 100 that they are actually getting paid for. In the state, we have 6 retired Assistant Superintendents and 3 retired Superintendents. That’s why their pay is what it is. Out of the 6 Asst. Supt., our district has 2 that are retired and only work 25% of the year, therefor making 25% of their pre-retirement salary. By law, those people cannot work over 25% of the year or be paid for anything over.  
The down side to this is that we have people pulling full retirement out of the system, collecting their 13th check and no longer paying into the system. If we have too many of these people in public positions doing this, it puts a strain on the PERS system. Not only that, but we have to hire other people to do the jobs these people are supposed to be doing because they don’t work full time. So on top of paying the 25%, we have to go hire another person to do their job or we are paying the 25% person to do absolutely nothing! Either way, it is not good for us as tax payers.
Luckily, the board voted a year or two ago to do away with this at the end of Milton’s term in office. Anyone in the district on a retired and still working plan will either have to quit working or come out of retirement full time.
The big question is this. What WILL the salary be for our next superintendent? Will they be making $200,000 or more?!  That could very well be the case.




One thought on “Mississippi Superintendents’ and Assistant Superintendents’ Salaries and MDE Public Info Request Form and Info

  1. So then when Kuykendall took that “pay cut” when he made the teachers, he really didn’t take a cut? I still personally believe he gets extra money from the district as well, just like all the trips him and his girlfriends get. I pray for changes with the new superintendent.

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