Before election day, WMC Action News 5 and the DeSoto Times-Tribune are partnering up to sponsor a debate for the DeSoto County Superintendent candidates. WMCTV is taking questions for the candidates. I encourage anyone that has a question(s) to submit them. You can do this by emailing your questions to debate@wmctv.com by July 13. On July 30, hear the candidates answer your questions live on wmcactionnews5.com.

Please take the time to do this, if you have something important you would like answered. This is too important of a decision to take lightly. A $272,000,000 budget, 42 schools, a central office, over 33,000 students, close to 4,000 employees and a county of over 160,000 citizens is nothing to be flippant about. The school system is vital to the success and well being of our children, their futures and our communities. Whatever you do, I encourage you to tune in on July 30 and listen to the candidates.  



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