Posted by Mississippi PEP

Texting and driving: House Bill 389 bans people from texting or using social media sites on a cellphone or other hand-held electronic device while driving. Fine is $25 the first year.
•Inspection stickers: House Bill 982 eliminates the $5 vehicle inspection sticker. Drivers with tinted windows still need to get a one-time inspection.
•Education cheating: Senate Bill 2258 tightens sanctions against schools where cheating occurs.
•Special education vouchers: Senate Bill 2695 creates $6,500-a-year vouchers for up to 500 special education students the first year.
•Guns: Senate Bill 2394 eliminates the need for concealed-carry licenses to have a gun in a purse, briefcase or enclosed satchel. Fees for new concealed-carry licenses would decrease as well as renewal fees.

•Hospital boards: Senate Bill 2407 requires boards of publicly owned hospitals to keep most of their meetings open to the public.
•Prison employees: Senate Bill 2804 removes civil-service protection from Department of Corrections employees for one year, making it easier for the corrections commissioner to hire or fire workers.
•Long-term trusts: House Bill 153 allows people to put real estate into trusts for up to 110 years and money, stocks or other financial assets into trusts for up to 360 years.
•Non-native plant species: House Bill 839 prohibits cultivation of potentially invasive species without special permit from Department of Agriculture and Commerce.
•Surplus school property: House Bill 662 authorizes districts to sell computers to students of issue upon students’ high school graduation.
•Persons with disabilities: House Bill 215 requires state agencies to enhance employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.
•Physicians: House Bill 215 authorizes special volunteer medical licenses for physicians serving as active duty military or in National Guard or Reserves.
•Crimes of violence: House Bill 257 requires DNA testing for arrests and HIV testing for sex crimes against minors.
•Crime lab: Senate Bill 2159 renames the state Crime Lab the “Mississippi Forensics Laboratory” and extends Bureau of Narcotics authority to advertise forfeitures online.
•Voyeurism: Senate Bill 2022 prohibits surreptitious photography of a person’s body or underclothing under circumstances that a person would reasonably expect not to be the subject of such photography.



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