Many of us parents and advocates for children with special needs and learning disabilities have been fighting to get a special needs bill passed in recent years. State Senator David Parker, his wife (Ashleigh Parker), DeSoto mom Debra Dye and many others across the state have worked diligently to also address dyslexia and come up with some solutions for our children in public schools. It has not been an easy battle.  
Year after year, Superintendent Kuykendall would fight these bills and give credit to 3 of our DeSoto delegation members (Pat Nelson, Wanda Jennings and Forrest Hamilton) for helping defeat these bills. (You can see these emails and statements by going to the PHOTOS section of this page and reviewing the Mass Emails and Campaign Album).
David Parker consistently fought for the special needs bill and dyslexia programs. This year, the special needs bill passed and DCS will have their first dyslexia pilot program starting next school year. This brings me to the video snippet below from Milton’s speech last week.
How in the world could Milton Kuykendall commend Forrest Hamilton for being a “real advocate for dyslexic children”?! While this post is not meant to debate our delegation’s views on the issues, it is to express the utter disappointment in our superintendent for again being untruthful and giving credit to the one person that had absolutely NOTHING to do with dyslexia. Not only that, but Representative Hamilton was the only one in our delegation to vote against the special needs bill.  
I believe we should give credit where credit is due and be truthful in our statements to the public. I know many special needs and dyslexia advocates are extremely disappointed that Milton Kuykendall was not truthful and did not give the credit to the people responsible for being real advocates for this cause: Carolyn Crawford, Nancy Collins, The Parkers, Debra Dye, Hailey Johnson, Mandy Card Rogers, Katie Klyce McCustion, Grant Callen, Empower MS and many, many others across the state.


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