New court documents reveal that Scott Samsel has now filed a new lawsuit against Milton Kuykendall for defamation and another lawsuit against DCS through the EEOC for retaliation. Please click on the link at the bottom of this post to review the documents.
It should be noted that the basis for the defamation lawsuit, according to the court documents, stems from an email sent out by an OBHS teacher to the school board (that document is included in the court papers). After two school board members responded to the teacher’s email, Kuykendall responded by widely disseminating the email chain to principals and instructing principals to send the email chain out to their teachers as though the content of that email was truthful. Although Samsel’s lawsuit for defamation pertains only to the information concerning him in the email, the information concerning me was 100% untruthful as well. I have already expressed my concerns to the Chairman of the Board for his response and for the email being sent out to DCS staff as though its content was the truth. For legal reasons, I cannot say everything I would like, but I will say that I am handling the part that involves me through the proper authorities, agencies and counsel. The legal system does not always work as expediently as I would like, but I have learned that patience is a virtue to be valued!
The Samsel trial has now been moved to May 2016. Looks like we have more depositions in our future, so stay tuned!!!

New Court Documents:  



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