I have stated several times in the past that DeSoto County Schools had a rainy day fund balance of over $100,000,000 (which was true). At last week’s OB Chamber Luncheon, Milton Kuykendall spoke and shared our current rainy day fund balance (which is now $73,000,000). He states in this video clip that this fund is not for building schools. It is for the operation of the schools to provide what they need. The question I have would be this. What was the $27,000,000+ spent on, taking that fund down to a $73,000,000 balance? I do appreciate Superintendent Kuykendall for sharing this information, because many people seem to be unaware of our rainy day fund and its balance.
Another thing that the general public and even those in the school system seem to be unaware of is state vs. local vs. federal funding. Each one of these sources of funding for school districts has certain guidelines to be followed and certain allowances of items that can and cannot be funded with those funds. You hear on this short clip, Milton mention something that was paid by local funds. The item he was referencing will be discussed in a second video clip that I will be posting of his speech.



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