I can’t tell you how many DCS employees or Hernando High School employees had been telling me how concerned they were over this man being hired at HHS. Now, look at him! I wonder when people will wake up and care more about knowing the truth beforehand. This man is not the only one gainfully employed by our district that has had prior issues and still remains employed. He won’t be the last either under our current administration. In fact, a friend of our leader has a son with a history of drug addiction. I have been told that person is about to be given a job because no one else will hire him. Should we not be preventing these people from being in our schools with our children?!
When we have leaders that promote those that have little job experience, past criminal histories, drug and alcohol addiction, mental disorders that impact their jobs daily, repeated marital affairs with co-workers and stolen money from our schools and our kids, we will continue to have issues (even if those issues are not widely known). When your child becomes the victim of one of these people or someone you know and love is negatively impacted by one of these people, I wonder if you will care then.

Read this news story for all of the details.


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