I am sharing this article about two incredible Jonesboro teachers! One of the teachers in the article attached below is Traci Brewington. She graduated from Germantown High School with me, and I think she is an incredible, inspirational person.  Not only is she a beloved educator, but she has taught many of us how to overcome tragedies in our lives with grace and humor.
Unfortunately, Traci’s family lost their home in a fire not long ago. They lost EVERYTHING, but she has always focused more on the fact that they have each other and survived. No matter how tragic their loss has been, she continuously motivates and inspires her family, friends, co-workers and students. She always finds a way to have a sense of humor, have fun and not take everything so seriously!  
Traci and a fellow teacher, Mrs. Emison, recently made a lip synching video together, called Through the Decades. In no time at all, the video has been viewed over 396,000 times!!! Their local newspaper, The Jonesboro Sun, wrote an article about the two teachers, their video and why they made this. I thought the article was EXCELLENT, and I loved their messages. Attached below is a link to the video. I hope you will watch the video and read the article.  
Thank you, Traci Brewington, for always making people smile with your videos, for your ability to laugh even when you feel like crying and for being such a great role model for all of us! You and Mrs. Emison keep up the great work!!! It is appreciated!!


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