DeSoto County’s main east-west corridor will soon get a cosmetic facelift with planned raised medians planned along Goodman Road, which also serves as State Highway 302.
However, the planned medians, which will act as dividers and traffic control devices, will eventually be planned all the way from where Goodman Road dead-ends in Walls to the DeSoto County line past Olive Branch.
More than likely, it will be up to the cities whether the planned raised medians will be landscaped or not.
“That decision is still in the mix,” Northern District Transportation Commissioner Mike Tagert said Friday. “We’re still working through all that.”
When construction begins, it will be the first major renovation to Goodman Road since the corridor was paved more than three decades ago, with the exception of the extension of Goodman Road on the eastern end of the county.
The construction work will affect the three cities located along Goodman Road: Horn Lake, Southaven and Olive Branch.
A public hearing is scheduled this Monday night at Horn Lake City Hall at 6 p.m.
Tagert readily admits the planned medians have caused some controversy. In Tagert’s words, some people love the idea of medians at intersections to slow down traffic, while others are slow to embrace the idea.
Tagert said the planned medians will not be paved over but raised concrete curbs with open medians filled with dirt.
“You can plant grass and different types of shrubbery,” Tagert said. “It’s kind of a blank slate. It’s up to the local communities. We are working closely with them. But I will tell you the whole raised median issue is still in the mix.”
Mayor Allen Latimer has remained noncommittal on the issue but provided background for the story.
“We asked them for a (traffic) light at Dunbarton Drive (and Goodman Road). MDOT did a study and they came back and said they would like to have a median project, not just for Horn Lake but all the way across the county through Southaven and Olive Branch,” Latimer said. “They want to start on this side and go east.”
Read the full article here:  http://m.desototimes.com/news/major-makeover/article_c5749198-0bd1-11e5-a9f5-8f23c542f2fc.html


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