Many thanks to the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department and to my animal rescue friends for their hard work today. We received reports of 5 Pit Bulls on extremely large, heavy chains without food or water in emaciated condition, wearing HUGE shock collars. The dogs were in a heavily wooded area in between two neighborhoods north of Goodman Rd. Two of the dogs appeared to have had puppies recently, but no puppies were anywhere to be seen. A couple of the dogs had a dog house, and the other three had plastic barrels with the bottoms cut out for shelter. They were not in humane living conditions.
Concerned about the health and safety of the dogs, several of us went to the location to assess the situation. The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department was called, and thankfully, they came very quickly to help us out. I won’t go into all of the details, but I will say this. Animal control was called, and the dogs were supposed to be taken to the DeSoto County Animal Shelter tonight. Investigators were on the scene to evaluate if any charges in the case would be filed against the owner and to evaluate the status of the dogs. As of 9:00pm, the Sheriff’s Department, Fox 13 and animal control were still on the scene. We will all have to tune into the news to hear the story and to hear any updates in the case.  
We don’t know if these dogs were bait dogs, breeding dogs, fighting dogs or pets. The important thing is the dogs will HOPEFULLY be safe tonight. We have too many cases of dog abuse and neglect as well as dog fighting in this country. Please be alert and aware that these things do happen, and sometimes in our very own backyards. If you come across any questionable situation like this, please alert the authorities. The Sheriff’s Department was awesome today, and we all appreciate their help and quick response. Many thanks to everyone that cared about these dogs! Hopefully, they will have a brighter future.




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