You may not see them, but officials said gangs are in Mississippi.
Police in Oxford and across the state were put on alert after the Mississippi Association of Gang Investigators sent out a bulletin last week.
The notice warned Mississippi police departments that gang members have a hit on law enforcement.
“This is a game for keeps. This is a game we’re playing for lives. This isn’t a game.,” Oxford Police Chief Joey East said.
East told WREG he was taking the threats seriously.
“For us, you know, we’re more worried about those people coming into Oxford, into our jurisdiction that would be looking to set an officer up (or) take advantage of one of our officers,” East explained.
The Oxford Police Department said they were training officers every day at roll call and telling them what to look out for.
East said the bulletin mentioned that older gang members were trying to put a stop to the threats, but  for the newer generation this was their way of trying to make a name for themselves.
“Any type of organized crime ought to realize that if you open war against law enforcement that they will come back and spend all their focus on you and your area of whatever that may be,” East said.
Oxford sent a handful of it’s officers for training every year to stay up to date on gangs in the surrounding area.
Chief East said he hoped his efforts would keep gangs from becoming a serious problem in Oxford.
“Allow us to keep the peace, and don’t bring violence and don’t bring that to our area,” East said.
Chief East would not reveal which gangs the threats came from.
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