There seems to be a frenzy over all of these Samsel lawsuit depositions.  I am attaching links to all of the depositions and information I have downloaded at this time.  This information costs money and takes time to download, scan and share in a file.  For those that want to read everything, I encourage that!!  You can log onto PACER.gov and download the information for yourself.  These are all a matter of public record.


There are some questions that I think should be asked about Jennifer Weeks’s deposition.  For a long time, people didn’t believe me when I said the district had hired a private investigator to uncover ‘my mole’.  Once the PI had been proven true, the district made up ridiculous claims to justify their actions.  They also wrote on official school social media sites that the school board attorney was sending me a letter about taking legal action.  First, I don’t believe Steve Farese is our school board attorney, and that is who sent me a letter.  Secondly, his letter claimed legal action for slander and libel against Milton Kuykendall and others.  At no time did his letter even mention the DeSoto County Schools, the school board or any district official connection to the letter and possible legal action.  Letter is provided below.  The letter clearly states that Farese had investigated in an attempt to collect information against me for a lawsuit in regards to slander and libel.  Since Weeks was kind enough to give us insight into the situation in her deposition, I have the following questions.  (Side note:  I obtained legal representation and was ready and willing to go to court.  The district never followed through with any legal actions).


1. If the investigator was hired for an internal security breach, why does Farese’s letter to me, dated Oct. 4, 2013, say the investigation was a means for obtaining evidence for a lawsuit against me by Kuykendall?

2. If this isn’t the same investigator (mentioned in Farese’s letter) or investigation, why did we have two separate investigators or investigations?  Where is an invoice for Farese?

3. Why did the school district post on official school social media sites that the district was taking legal action against me via the school board attorney?  The letter I received was not from Attorney Keith Treadway, and nowhere in the letter does it even mention DeSoto County Schools.

4. If the investigation had to do with a breach of security internally, why does the invoice log of work performed clearly state DeSoto County Reform?  Nowhere does it mention an internal breach of security.

5. Why does Weeks state that passwords had been stolen as the reason for the investigator, yet another administrator claimed the reason as being a stolen document which ended up being posted on DCR?  Was it passwords or a document?  Weeks never mentioned a stolen document.  The only thing I posted days after this alleged incident was a page out of the DCS teacher’s pacing guide (which are all online now for anyone to see).  If I had posted illegally obtained passwords, why was I never charged or reported?  Why didn’t the investigator find anything?  How does Weeks know her passwords were stolen?  Were any of her accounts used without her knowledge?  

6. If I am such a liar and report only half truths, why hire an investigator for $5000?  If my information was incorrect, why worry about whom was responsible for giving me information?

7. Weeks was asked on Document 3 pages 11-12, “Have you been involved in trying to make some effort to find out where Heather Fox was getting her information that she puts on her website?”  She responded by saying YES.  She goes on to say, “like I want to know who in my department was providing information that was relevant about me.”  So was the investigator hired because of a security breach or because Weeks wanted to know where I was getting my information?

(For the record, I have NEVER obtained any information illegally.  I don’t know anything about stolen passwords or documents.  I encourage the district to show proof, because I don’t believe that any employee ever did this.  If they did, I most certainly had nothing to do with it.  NOTHING)!


Statements Jennifer Weeks said I have made adversely about her according to her deposition:

I have been critical of Common Core.  (This has nothing to do with her and comes from my personal research and knowledge). While we are on this subject though, aren’t a lot of people opposed to Common Core now, including our current superintendent candidates?  At least that’s what they have said in their speeches.

I have been critical of PARCC.  (This has nothing to do with her and comes from my personal research and knowledge).  On this subject, the majority of educators and administrators in this state are opposed to PARCC now.  

I discussed a book that she recommended and purchased. (She posted this information on her Twitter page).  The author and book have also been discussed on the DCS district website.  Google Todd Whitaker and DeSoto County Schools for yourself and see what all comes up.

I discussed consultative services.  (This is public record and was found here:  http://deeds.desotocountyms.gov/W/W00639-00280.pdf).

Bailey Educational Group fee for services $355,600 (254 days of service for $1400/day).

I took issue with this for many reasons.  Gary Bailey is an architect, who builds schools.  He was responsible for the construction of the schools built during Milton’s terms in office.  When the construction ended, the district hired him for educational, consulting services to the tune of $355,000.  There is more to the story, but too much to share on this post.



I discussed where she likes to eat lunch.  (Anyone that has ever eaten with her would know this).

I discussed the fact that she wears her robe at work when she gets cold.  (Anyone that has ever seen her in it would know this).


Jennifer Weeks goes on to say, “And it wasn’t an issue with what was being posted on the site as much as it was an issue of being able to work together.” (Document page 4, deposition page 16, Lines 23-25)

This statement would then have you believe that I wasn’t posting anything wrong.  


When Weeks was asked about adverse statements made about Killough, she acknowledged she was aware of them.  When asked if she (Weeks) had discussed those with anyone in administration, she responded, “No.  I mean, we discussed the site in general but not specific to any particular – I’M MORE CONCERNED ABOUT, NOT AN ATTEMPT TO SOUND SELFISH, BUT I’M MORE CONCERNED ABOUT THE POSTS THAT WERE BEING MADE ABOUT ME THAN ABOUT ANYONE ELSE.”

So as the leader of the district, she doesn’t care about what a principal is having an issue with.  She only cares about herself, and that is the most truthful thing she has said.  So was the investigator really hired because of a security breach or is the truth much simpler?  Is the truth really about her wanting to know how I was getting so much information about her?  She didn’t care about the district.  She cared about herself.


Now, you can refer to my Twitter account tweet from June 11, 2013.  This is the tweet that changed everything.  After I saw one of Weeks friends and co-workers was on my Twitter account (I assumed snooping for Weeks), I tweeted the following statement. 


 Had I ever posted that before the depositions, it would have been hearsay.  Thanks to the depositions, she has now admitted that it is in fact true.  I say that Jennifer Weeks has misused district funds to pay for an investigation that was personal to her and her only.  It had nothing to do with the district.  She wasn’t alone though.  Milton and his daughter played a large role in everything.  I will discuss that in detail at a later time.


And so I am clear here, let me say this.  The prescription drug use did impact her work performance.  Employees have stated in the past, that she would come dragging into work late….. after 10am.  Others have said that Milton told them it was because she was up all night researching things for the district.  District personnel also said they would receive emails all night long from her and at all hours of the night.  Employees have witnessed her hands shaking so badly that she could hardly hold a cup or a pen.  There would be times that she would burst into tears for no reason.  These are all effects of the drug she was taking:  insomnia, agitation, nervousness, restlessness (just to name a few).  For more information on the adverse effects of this drug, read here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phentermine. So why is this important besides the legal implications?  It is important because she has been in charge of running the largest school district in the state, and her work performance was questionable at times and most likely due to the drugs she was taking.


Finally, here is what I know.  Certain administrators and employees in the district have threatened me on social media, obtained an attorney to possibly sue me (which they never did), hired a church member to start a private investigation company as a means to investigate me and have the district pay for it(investigator never found anything), made complaints to two different police departments in the county and/or tried to file reports against me at these two different departments (law enforcement took no action because I have done nothing wrong), complained to legislators about me (nothing done), started multiple FB pages to bash me, set up multiple fake FB accounts to comment on my page, emailed me through the district email system under fake names with vulgar and harassing messages and the list goes on and on.  They claim I am the guilty party, so where is their proof?!  THERE ISN’T ANY, because I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG!!!  The leadership of DCS has long been out of control, and it is time for the nonsense to stop!

Below are links to all of the information I have obtained as of now.  As I download more information, I will gladly share it with all of you.

Depositions and Information:


Allyson Killough:  




DCS Board Policy on Classification of Employees, Time, Attendance and Leave:




Milton Kuykendall:




Mike Murphy:




Kyle Brigance:



DCS Fuelman Policy:



How did Kyle ever violate a Fuelman Policy that our district did NOT have in place until 2011 when the charges in question occurred from 2008-2011?  Ask the district to show you the laws from that time period.  I would suspect that the district protocol was wrong district wide, which is why they created the FuelmanPolicy in 2011.  They just used that against Kyle as an excuse to get him out of the high school.  Ask the district or the state to audit all of the principals during that same time frame.  I would like to know if everyone was doing it the same way or not.



Ann Jolley:





Jennifer Weeks:



DCS Employee Drug Policy:



Board Meeting Minutes Referring to Consultative Service the District Has Used:



Private Investigator Invoice:


Steve Farese Letter:




Eric Rombaugh:




Killough Recording Transcription:




DeSoto County Schools Board Policies:  



GBRL – Drug Free Workplace



DeSoto County Schools Employee Handbook:


(Pay close attention to pages 58-60).  Electronic communication starts on page 77.



Mississippi Educator Code of Ethics:


Private Investigator Information:
Proof he goes to church at Goodman Oaks (where Milton attends church) and worked for NWCC (where Milton is on the board)
Link to private investigator information on the MS Sec of State’s website:

The business wasn’t started until a month after work had already been started for the district.  Refer to the date on the PI invoice log of work performed.  

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