This morning, I was on SuperTalk Mississippi’s Paul Gallo Show.  Paul and I discussed DeSoto County, education, Coach Samsel, the MAEP initiative, the private investigator, Jennifer Weeks, nepotism and more. We covered lots of ground!  I am providing the links below to the replay of the show’s audio for those that are interested in hearing what all was said.  
I am also happy to announce that SuperTalk MS is FINALLY coming to DeSoto County!!!  Currently, SuperTalk has to be live streamed through your computer, tablet or smart phone.  DeSoto County will finally be getting a tower here.     For those that are unfamiliar with SuperTalk FM, it is the most popular news and political radio station in the state.  More information to come on this!!!
To hear the replay of today’s show, click on the following links.
Here is the first half of the show.  
Second Half of the show.
Link to SuperTalk MS:  http://www.supertalk.fm
Link to Gallo Show:  http://www.supertalk.fm/shows/the-gallo-radio-show/


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