Last night, the Southaven Rotary Club held their 12th Annual Crawfish Event at the arena in Southaven.  It was truly a great night with many good people in our county and visitors from around the state.  
The 2015 election year has drawn so many candidates to DeSoto County, and it is always great seeing them in person.  What better opportunity to talk, ask questions, share concerns and discuss any of the issues that may be of concern to us.  Whether or not we agree on the issues, we have to communicate in order to further our causes.  Governor Phil Bryant joined the event and spent a lot of time speaking with citizens about politics and life in general.
I had the opportunity to speak with the governor about education, DCR, the Special Needs bill and other issues of concern.  I was incredibly touched by his kind words, support and encouragement for what I have been doing through DeSoto County Reform.  It feels good to know that he believes I have really made a difference.  All I ever wanted was for ‘the people’ to have a voice.  If I have accomplished that, I am glad!  For too long, DeSoto has lived under the dictatorship of a narcissistic tyrant, his family and followers.  We have needed a change, and I feel that a change IS coming!
One change this year came in the way of the Special Needs bill.  Governor Bryant has been so passionate about the Special Needs bill, and we shared our excitement for the passage of that bill this year.  It was a major accomplishment!  After several years of trying and one Milton Kuykendall fighting it all of the way, we were able to accomplish that goal!  Now, kids will be able to have another option to better their education.  It’s not always the fault of the school system that a child’s needs are not being met, but we must provide viable options for those children after all other avenues have failed them.  School choice has been an important issue to me, because I believe one system does not meet the needs of every child.  Special needs children do not fit into a one size fits all education plan and deserve to have other options.  I greatly appreciate the governor’s support of this issue.
I am appreciative of the governor taking the time to speak with me.  I am always happy to take advantage of an opportunity to speak with our elected officials and discuss the issues.  Due to the influence of social media, a lack of in person, regular conversations and the bold words people are willing to write but never say out loud, I thoroughly enjoy face to face conversations about the causes we all fight for or against.  It is much easier to understand a person, their heart and intent when you exchange thoughts and sentiments in person and in a more neutral, intimate setting.  I am thankful to have had that opportunity last night with Governor Bryant!  


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