My daughter and I share a passion for animal rescues.  There is such a demand to find homes for abandoned and unwanted pets.  We love the Tunica Humane Society, and I respect  the hard work that Sandy, her sister and the volunteers put in down there!!  I only wish they were closer to where we live, so Abby and I could volunteer regularly.
In keeping up with many rescue organizations online and on social media, we read about the Southern Friends Animal Society in Nesbit.  They happened to write a post about needing volunteers to help with the puppies.  Abby and I couldn’t say YES fast enough to that.  Not to mention, they are located much closer to us, so we decided to volunteer there yesterday.
In a world that can seem so dark and ugly, I find that spending time with animal rescues can brighten our days. They may not have had the best circumstances, leading up to their current situation, but one person can make a difference!!  All these babies want and need is to be loved.  Although many of us may not be in the position to adopt a pet, we can take time to help out in the way of fostering, volunteering, transporting animals to the vet, transporting animals to another location, donating (newspapers, blankets, food and dog toys) or simply stopping by a rescue to spend a little time with one of these babies.  What a great way to teach children about the importance of caring for others and all of God’s creatures.  
Here are just a few pictures from our visit yesterday!  We had such a great day with the babies!!  Abby and I can’t wait to go again!  If you have some extra time, call one of your local rescue groups and volunteer or ask what they could use.  Any help you are willing to provide would be greatly appreciated.  And look at these faces!  Who wouldn’t want some puppy love and kisses from one of these babies?!

Links to Southern Friends Animal Society and other rescue groups in DeSoto and the Mid-South:



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