Thousands of Mississippi third graders might have to repeat grade.
According to DeSoto County Schools, out of 2,445 third grade DCS students, 87.3 percent  passed the third grade Reading Gate test.
That means 12.7 percent, or more than 300, failed, and now, the county is claiming they will immediately start an intervention program.
(Uhhhh…..don’t we already have intervention programs)?!  See links below.
Could it be that these numbers prove:
A) We do need a dyslexia program desperately.
B) Why we needed the Special Needs bill.
C) We need to improve our ELL program.  One teacher for 80+ kids at 2-3 different schools is way too much for one person to handle.
D) Removing grammar and spelling as isolated subjects was a big mistake.
E) All of the above
Read the full articles below.  
Links to intervention programs already in place at DCS.

Response to Intervention Best Practices Handbook:


DCS Literacy Intervention Programs:

DCS Language Arts Corner:

DCS Intervention Services Department:


DCS Testimonials in Case 21 and Academy of Reading:


Content Area Literacy Corner:





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