There has been some concern over DCS’s cell phone policy.  At least one parent will be addressing the board tonight in regards to the policy and would love for more concerned parents to join him.  Attached below is the DCS Student Policy on cell phones and/or electronic devices.  Violation of the electronic device policy is considered a Level 2 offense.  You can read the consequences below.  Should the district be able to confiscate a device for up to 5 days or longer and then charge the parent to get it back?  Read the policy below or click on the following link to review the K-12 Student Code of Discipline Policy.
DeSoto County Schools’ Board Meeting is TONIGHT in Hernando at 5pm.  This is the first meeting of the month, and the meeting that allows for public comments.  If you have not gotten on the agenda to speak, you will have 3 minutes to speak at the end.  If you are on the agenda, you will get 5 minutes to speak.
For any and all concerns, attend the board meeting.  If you want to keep up with what is going on in the district, attend the board meeting!  Stay involved and stay engaged!!


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