Sometime ago, I discussed a former DCS teacher, Jennifer Scott, that was non-renewed or forced to resign by the LPS principal, Jeannie Kuykendall-Treadway.  Scott sued DCS and Treadway.  I am sharing those depositions with you.  Read for yourself.  A lot of people were bothered by this case, because they felt the teacher was treated very unjustly.  Not to mention, the teacher was given no help while dealing with an illness, suspected to be cancer, or with the rollout of the newly implemented Common Core Standards.  Here again, the depositions leave no room for speculation or rumors, because these are their words.
Principal Treadway (a new principal at the time) decided to non-renew Scott (a newly licensed teacher at the time) for not being what she needed her to be.  Treadway told the teacher that she didn’t have time to help her improve, because she was too busy with the roll out of Common Core.  Treadway did give Scott a glowing review for transfer to another DCS school.  Why would Treadway do that if Scott was that bad?  And isn’t the principal’s job as leader of the school to work with an employee to help them improve in any areas that need improvement, including the implementation of Common Core?! 
After reading the teacher’s deposition, I want you to think about the following questions.
1.  How much freedom do teachers actually have in their classrooms?
2.  Ask yourself why we have a $110,000/yr. Assc. Supt. of Teacher Recruitment and Retention, yet that person does nothing to help a new teacher in the area of improvement or retention.  
3.  Why did the principal think the teacher should be non-renewed, but at the same time,  she gave the employee a glowing review for transfer to another school in the district?!  (Keep in mind, both women had worked together at LES prior to LPS, which is why Treadway hired Scott).  Treadway was Scott’s Assistant Principal at LES, where Scott had been working as an Assistant Teacher for four years.
4.  After reading this, why would anyone want to be a teacher?
5.  Does this deposition reflect the empowerment or encouragement of the teacher from the principal?
6.  Do the teachers really have control over the students in the classroom?
Below is a link to Mrs. Scott’s deposition.
Next, we have Kuykendall-Treadway’s deposition.  I will not voice an opinion about it, but I will share a couple of things with you.
1.  Her Daddy, brother and Keith Treadway (our school board attorney and her brother in-law) are NOT the only family members she has working in the district.  
2.  Treadway and Alexander were not honest about the deadline for resigning.
Here is a link to Jeannie Kuykendall-Treadway’s deposition.
Here is a link to Treadway’s letter and her daddy, Milton Kuykendall’s letter.

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