We had a packed courthouse tonight in Olive Branch.  The DeSoto County Republican Women hosted a Hob Nob for all of the Republican candidates in DeSoto and those candidates running for statewide positions.  Since Mary was busy speaking on the coast, I was her fill in speaker.  (Could those shoes be any tougher to fill)?!
I think we had a great turn out.  DeSoto citizens LOVE Mary!!!  By far, I am no Mary Hawkins Butler, but I hope I was successful in getting her message across!  I feel like I know her heart inside and out.
I discussed the poverty in our state and how important it is for our tax dollars to be spent legally, efficiently and effectively.  Mississippians work too hard to earn an income, and we must ensure that we make the highest and best use of those dollars. I discussed the corruption with DMR, the Department of Corrections and inside of our schools.  It is not fair to the children of this state to have money stolen from them.  It is not fair to tax payers for our public servants to abuse our money and spend it in ways that do not help our communities to prosper and flourish.  
Mary has been the mayor of Madison since she was 26 years old.  Her entire life has been public service.  DeSoto city and county leaders have called on Mary many times for help or advice on issues.  It is undeniable the success she has had in Madison.  She is always willing to help anyone that reaches out to her.  She truly cares about the people and about this state.
All of these are reasons that we need Mary in the State Auditor’s office.  She is not afraid of making hard decisions, and Mary will always fight for what is right for the people!  I hope all of you will share this page and help me get the word out about Mary!  We need her in the auditor’s office, and I hope you will support her on August 4!!!


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