2015 Niche Rankings list the Top 100 elementary schools in Mississippi.  

#26 Pleasant Hill Elementary

#28 Overpark Elementary

#31 Center Hill Elementary

#38 DeSoto Central Elementary

#39 Lewisburg Elementary

#47 Oak Grove

#50 Shadow Oaks

#53 Hernando Hills

#54 Walls Elementary

#61 Greenbrook Elementary

#65 Chickasaw

#66 Olive Branch Intermediate

#76 Southaven Intermediate

#78 Lake Cormorant Elementary School
Once again, BIG CONGRATS to Jamie Loper and her staff!  No surprise there at all.  They are consistently successful, and I am only surprised they weren’t ranked hire.  Great job PHES!!
Also, I am not surprised by Overpark. Principal Lisa Love and her staff do an excellent job, and their school consistently ranks high.  Keep up the good work!!  CONGRATS!!
I know that we have a lot of hard working educators in the district.  It grows harder every day for educators and administrators to contend with the changes in standards, testing, programs, curricula, evaluation systems and federal, state and local mandates.  Rankings may not always reflect a real measure of success, but when you do accomplish a high rating, it deserves to be celebrated.  When the people are your number one priority, all else will fall into place.   
To see the full list of school rankings, click on the link below.


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