In case you are unaware, the DCS school board has called a special meeting tomorrow morning at 10:00am with a scheduled press conference immediately following.  Many people are aware of the OBHS coaching situation.  It is no real secret that the head coach position has been offered to Steve Buckley, the former Petal football coach and college coach.  A lot of OB citizens, parents and city leaders are upset with how this whole situation has been handled.  They have been voicing their concerns to the board this week via phone calls and emails.  Tomorrow’s board meeting will most likely consist of the board voting to approve or not approve this hire.  Others have stated that there will be more discussed than this one situation, so time will tell what all is going on.  Stay tuned to find out what the big news is.
Brief statement about the court depositions………
Please know that at no time have I cherry picked any pages of the depositions to post in an attempt to support my point of view only.  There are over 600 pages of documents online so far, and the complete depositions have not been released yet.  When they are, you can count on me posting all of them.  I can only share the few pages that are public.  Anyone is welcome to download these documents as I have.  The recorded meeting of Killough, Murphy and Samsel is 62 pages or so long.  I am happy to post the complete document if anyone wants to read it.  
If you have interest in learning more or reading the documents for yourself, go to either of the following links, register and pay the minimal charge for copies of the documents.  You may pay $3.00 for a 30 page document.  They don’t send you hard copies, you simply download the documents and print them off yourself.
The first website is PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) http://www.pacer.gov, and the second one is RFC Express (Recently Filed Cases) @ rfcexpress.com.
Check out the websites and case information for yourself.  Everything is there for you to see. 😊
Photo by redriverunited.org


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