I have been asked by many people if Jennifer Weeks admitted to committing a felony in her Samsel lawsuit deposition.  Since her deposition has not been made public yet, I will simply tell you what I know. 

I have heard from multiple people that Weeks admitted to committing a felony in her deposition.   It seems that she has shared this information with some of the people closest to her.  Since I have not seen or read her deposition, I can’t say for sure what she said, but I do know that Jennifer Weeks has in fact committed a felony.  Not only that, but our superintendent and other district leaders are aware of this and have not taken action.  Superintendents are required to report a crime or infractions once he/she has been made aware of one.  This has yet to be done by our superintendent.  Kuykendall has violated so many laws, that citizens should demand that he resign immediately!!

Jennifer Weeks has grossly abused her authority as Assistant Superintendent of DeSoto County Schools.  She did in fact coerce/pressure/strongly influence/bully a subordinate employee of hers to go to the doctor, have prescription NARCOTIC diet pills prescribed to him/her and then bring those drugs back to the county office for Weeks’s personal use.  This employee did not want to do this, but  worried about job loss or possible backlash if he/she did not do this for Mrs. Weeks.  This happened more than once or twice and during the regular work day.  It was also witnessed by at least one employee, although I know this whole situation was no secret to those in the know.  When an Assistant Superintendent abuses her authority and makes an employee commit a crime, thus committing a crime herself, that person should immediately be terminated.  

Was the employee justified in being concerned about Weeks’s possible retaliation for not going along with her plans?!  YES!!!  This is proven by the private investigator that was hired two months after Weeks first found out that I knew about this crime in June 2013.  Weeks assumed it was this employee that was giving me information.  The employee was investigated.  The district tried to ‘find’ things wrong with this person’s work (sound familiar?), but couldn’t find anything.  All of this scrutiny led to the person resigning and another employee being administered a polygraph test.  Jennifer Weeks and Milton Kuykendall used our tax payer dollars to fund this operation which had nothing to do with school business.  They made the public believe this was a district issue and concocted some cockamamie stories to justify their actions.

The private investigator was/is a church member of the Kuykendalls.  He was hired in August before he had even started an investigation company.  He didn’t file his company documents with the Secretary of State’s office until September (a month after he had already been doing work for the district), and his business was dissolved within a year. 

The truth is they KNOW that I know many things that would be most unfavorable to them if made public.  For this, I have been on the receiving end of their wrath, and they have violated many laws in an attempt to shut me down.

After the employee resigned, Weeks hired one of her best friends to take that person’s job.  If that wasn’t bad enough, Weeks hired her administrative assistant’s son in-law to replace her BFF’s vacated position at the county office.  It also could be easily proven that Jennifer Weeks has used her administrative assistant to run personal errands for her and during the regular work day.  We do not pay Weeks’s assistant $45,000/year to pick up her daughter from school or to take her to appointments and so forth.  This is another abuse of power that is widely accepted for those in their circle.  I think all mileage reports of Weeks’s assistant should be audited.  Has she been reimbursed for mileage for the personal errand running for Weeks?!  Does she clock out when performing these non-school related errands?!  

Now, Kuykendall, Allyson Killough, their attorneys (Butler Snow and Keith Treadway), Scott Samsel and his attorney should have copies of the depositions, although, I am not confident that any of the district’s attorneys have shared any information with the school board at this point.  I am telling you this, so you wil know who can verify or disprove whether Weeks did or did not make this admission of wrong doing.  The depositions should be a matter of public record, if not now, they will be soon enough.  If the school board has not been made aware, they should request the information from Kuykendall and Treadway immediately.  If Jennifer Weeks admitted to this in her deposition and has not been fired, it’s time for action to be taken now!  I can assure you all of one thing.  This is far from all that has been done under her watch, and the reason I call her Sneaky Pants.

For information in regards to the laws,  click on the appropriate links below.  For questions regarding Weeks’s actions, contact the school board.

Code for Reporting Infractions:


Mississippi Educator Code of Ethics:


State of Mississippi Ethics Laws:


MS Dept. of Education Policy on Illegal Drug Use and Policies:


DCS Employee Handbook:


DeSoto County Schools School Board Policies:



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