Some alarming comments were revealed in a recording made by Principal Killough and Assistant Principal Mike Murphy at OBHS!  Before Coach Samsel had been relieved of his Athletic Director position and Head Coach position, Murphy and Killough had a meeting with Samsel.  Killough and Murphy recorded the meeting, but they did NOT tell Coach Samsel about the meeting being recorded.  They were discussing some of the perceived issues happening at the school.  The actual transcription of this recording is 60+ pages long.  What I found most alarming were Killough and Murphy’s comments once Samsel left the room.  They were obviously unaware that the recorder was still recording their conversation, and if they had known, I doubt this would have been made evidence in this case.  Read the following two pages!



If Killough was being honest and true with Samsel, why would Murphy say that she earned an Oscar for that performance?!  You can see Killough and Murphy’s true feelings and intentions in these pages, because they thought the recorder was off at this point.  Guess they should have listened to the entire recording before handing it over to the attorneys. 

Next, Killough claimed that Gaspard quit OBHS because of the negativity aimed at her by Samsel and possibly others.  Read below to see what Gaspard had to say in his deposition about this and about Coach Toungett.



Looks like Coach Samsel isn’t the only one that felt Coach Toungett was spreading false rumors and information.  Also, it would appear that Killough was again being dishonest in her deposition.

Lastly, I am sharing Kuykendall’s own words about the situation concerning Kyle Brigance.  Milton claimed that everything that happened was due to the state auditor, Stacey Pickering, more or less.  Although, Stacey Pickering (by Milton’s own admission) never instigated the situation.  MILTON DID!!!  Read his statements first, and I will follow those up with the truth even by his own jumbled up version of events!






By Milton’s own words, State Auditor Stacey Pickering did not initiate any investigation into Kyle Brigance.  The county office did.  It was the county office that hired (AGAIN) outside legal counsel!  Why?!  Why was this necessary?!  By Milton’s own words, State Auditor Stacey Pickering stated that Kyle should not be fired or made to pay the money back, so why does Milton keep acting like Kyle’s savior?  If Pickering did not see any need to fire him or have him pay any money back, why would Milton say that he talked Pickering out of prosecuting Kyle?!  And since when does the state auditor make personnel or management decisions for any school district?!  The answer should be NEVER!  Could the truth be this…… Milton asked Pickering if it was OK if he moved Kyle and cut his pay since they (Pickering and Jim Keith) found nothing criminally wrong or deserving of punishment, hampering Milton’s plan to get Kyle out of OBHS?!!

The truth is that Milton wanted the county office to find something on Kyle, so he could move him out of the school without having to look like the bad guy.  Ann Jolley had told multiple people that she wanted Olive Branch brought down to their knees.  Milton had the district auditors searching for something on Kyle and Scott.  When they couldn’t find anything, the district used a procedural error from the 2008-2011 time frame, which had already been addressed by former Assistant Superintendent Ken Reid.  
Kyle NEVER did anything criminal, malicious, underhanded or purposefully deceitful.  He used a Fuel Man gas card issued to him by the district for gas, travel, etc.  During those years, I am sure all of the high school principals used the cards in the same way and had errors.  I doubt they will be audited though.  Without going into great detail, the errors were simply procedural and clerical in nature and NEVER warranted action.  When Ken Reid brought this to Kyle’s attention in 2011, he offered to pay back any money or rectify the situation anyway needed.  It was not discussed again until 2013 when Milton sent in his crew to look for ‘something’!  And it should be noted that the $8900 did not have to be paid back.  Brigance paid back all of the travel expenses (even the ones not in question) so that he did not have anything else hanging over his head!
Now if all of this doesn’t start shining a light on the truth and showing what has really been going on behind the scenes, just stay tuned!  This is just the tip of the iceberg!!  Certain ones in our district are so out of control and detached from reality, it is ridiculous!  There are more depositions and information to come!  Stay tuned! You don’t want to miss out!

One thought on “Depositions:  Brigance, Samsel, Kuykendall, Killough and Gaspard!!  

  1. After reading several depositions concerning the dismissal of Scott Samsel, it is apparent to me and should be to all Desoto Countians that the superintendent and principal of Olive Branch High School have lied under oath. Since Mr. k likes investigations maybe the State Attorney General should investigate Mr. K’s office.. I wish we had Pam Mcphail back after the local paper.

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