Since sharing the first deposition from Scott Samsel’s lawsuit against the district, I have received an overwhelming amount of support and encouragement for the Samsel Family.  While many people have heard accusations being made against Coach Samsel, I think it is important to read his complaint against the district and Principal Killough.  Those that know Scott Samsel well, they will tell you what a private person he is.  He does not involve himself with social media, and he has kept this situation very close to the chest.  While it may seem like a made for TV drama to others, this situation is very REAL to him and his family.  

Let the following complaint, filed with the courts, speak for him.

Side Note:  As a follow up to the first deposition post, I have attached a part of DCS School Board Attorney, Keith Treadway’s, letter to the EEOC in response to Coach Samsel’s complaint.  You can clearly see where he states that the MHSAA Director threatened OBHS with the death penalty for improper conduct and constant violations with the association as one of the justifications for Scott being terminated.  After those documents, you can see Executive Director Don Hinton’s statement, denying that that was ever the case.










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