A lot of things have happened  in the district this afternoon.  

First, please pray for the family of former school board member Theron Long.  His son passed away today.  Please pray for him and his family and keep them in your thoughts and prayers!!  May God comfort them through this most difficult time.

Secondly, OBHS football coach Jeremy Toungett was fired as Head Coach today.  Tensions had been growing at the school between him and parents, football players and the coaching staff.  Many of the coaches have quit coaching for Toungett, and many players have lost the desire to continue on with the team.  It appears that he can continue to teach, but time will tell if he stays on or decides to leave.  

Lastly, we had a student in the district that underwent brain surgery today to remove a tumor.  She is currently stable and doing well.  Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.  To be 16 or so and experience this at such a young age, it can be very overwhelming.  Pray that God will comfort this family, heal this precious young lady and see their family through this situation!!


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