I have been asked by many people about the teacher at SIS that was allegedly fired this week for some kind of testing violation.  I have been given information about the situation, but I am trying to confirm my information before discussing it.  All I will say is this.

It makes no sense to hold anyone responsible for a test that doesn’t even count this year.  Not to mention, we may not be taking this test in the future.  I am familiar with the strict testing rules and regulations.  Based on what I was told, the situation would not have justified termination of employment.

I encourage all district employees to familiarize yourselves with the law.  The law protects you more than you know.  If you have been told by the county office that our Attorney General, State Auditor or other high ranking officials are responsible for a personnel decision within our district, please let me know.  There seems to be a lot of this going around.


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