I know some of you may think I have not been paying attention to the schools or staying on top of the legislators during this session.  I assure you that is not true.  My best work is usually the work, that no one ever sees or knows about, but brings about the most change.  There most certainly has been a lot going on in the district and in the state.  Before too long, many good things will be revealed!  I promise that you will NOT be disappointed!!!  

I do want to share this with you.  One of the projects I worked on was literacy for districts in need.  I really wanted to see how far my money could go and what I could get for the money I spent.  The attached pictures are of some of the items I was able to purchase and donated to a district in our state.
I was amazed at the amount of resources I could purchase and for EXTREMELY reasonable prices.  I was able to purchase books for students at prices of $.25 – $1.50.  I was able to purchase workbooks for $.34 – $4.00.  I bought flashcards for multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, phonics and sight words for 3 for $1.00.  I was able to buy puzzles, kinetic sand, counting money tools and other educational resources.  In total, I purchased close to 1,000 items and spent $450-$500. Thankfully, I received some donated items as well and was able to give those to some schools.  It doesn’t always take a ton of money to be able to purchase resources.  If you need help buying educational resources and don’t have a lot to spend, let me know!  I will gladly help you maximize your money!
One more reminder:  Encourage your child’s school or your school district to register with the Sensory Shoppe!  It has so many wonderful, educational items!  They have resources for those with dyslexia and special needs.  It is an incredible place!  They will design sensory rooms for schools as well!  Teachers and schools can make a wish list at the store, so PTAs, PTOs, parents and citizens can purchase items off of the list to donate to the school or teacher.  Great way to help schools acquire the resources needed in the classrooms!  Check out the Sensory Shoppe in Southaven!!!
Stay Tuned…..more news coming soon!


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