The children of a potential 2016 candidate won’t be getting out of new standardized testing at their schools — even when their father is a governor fiercely opposed to the Common Core education program that spawned the test.

“As it stands now the kids will take it,” Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal tolda local newspaper, referring to the controversial Louisiana Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) test that fulfills national Common Core standards.

The governor, whose name has been floated as a possible Republican nominee in the next national election, is engaged in a legal battle against the federal government over the reading and math standards. 

“We want to get Common Core out of the classroom,” Jindal has said. “Common Core started as voluntary state-led standards. I’m still for that. But it was a bait and switch. Now if states want waivers from No Child Left Behind or other funding from the federal government they have to participate.”

The federal government sought state adoption of the standards by offering financial incentives — an issue that Jindal’s suit intends to grapple with in a courtroom. He recently launched a court case suing the government for infringing upon states’ rights with the implementation of the English and math standards. A U.S. District Court judge ruled in February that the governor does indeed have standing to bring the suit forward, and the case is officially scheduled for the end of May.

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