Updates to the Scott Samsel vs. DCS and Allyson Killough Lawsuit

The first update to this case pertains to a recent deposition given by MHSAA Executive Director Don Hinton. The rumor mill has run rampant when it comes to certain issues pertaining to the Samsel lawsuit. Coach Samsel has been accused of repeated violations with the MHSAA, recruiting players and playing players found to be ineligible to play. Constant scuttlebutt from various unnamed people have played into the misinformation, circling around town.

It appears in these recent documents that Scott Samsel’s attorney requested to formally depose MHSAA’s Executive Director, Don Hinton. Mr. Hinton, accompanied by his attorneys, gave his deposition on January 21, 2015. Although his deposition has not been released, I would speculate that Coach Samsel and his attorney would not have called him as a witness if he was in fact guilty of wrong doing. It would appear that enquiring minds will have some answers to these questions before the end of the year. (Length of the trial and/or proceedings is unknown, but I would expect a resolution before the end of the year).

Next up, Coach Samsel’s attorney has requested to depose at least eight more DCS employees. I won’t mention the names of those up next, but I will say this. These depositions are going to make for a very interesting read when this case has been settled. I will keep you posted as things happen. I do know Milton Kuykendall’s deposition will shed some light onto the abrupt move of former principal Kyle Brigance to the county office. Excerpts from his lengthy deposition have already been filed and are on record for anyone to see.

March 17, 2015 is the date for the next eight or so depositions to be given. Stay tuned! I will keep you posted as things happen.

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