B9316400762Z.1_20150301215019_000_G17A3H5L7.1-0[1](Photo: Ryan Moore/Hattiesburg American)

Mississippi schools spend up to one of every four days of the year giving their students standardized tests.

The Mississippi Association of State Superintendents put the range of testing between 38 and 45 days of the 180-day school year.
“Then you have to add the time that teachers spend on reviewing prior to the test and then reviewing after the test,” said Executive Director Sam Bounds.

Ronnie McGehee, superintendent for the Madison County School District, said the total number of test days is “an incredible oppressive amount. As my grandmother would say, ‘we’re spending way too much time weighing the calf, instead of feeding the calf.’ ”

Lisa Karmacharya, executive director of the Mississippi Association of School Administrators, said the statewide testing calendar is five pages long.

“It’s like a runaway train,” she said. “It really is out of control at this point. Something needs to be done. We’ve got to do what is best for the children.”

McGehee questioned whether such tests are helping students. “Why are we creating a system that students can’t succeed in?
Testing should be about improving pupil performance. It should not be about being oppressive.”
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