I can’t tell you what great pleasure I take in seeing lies and wrong doing brought into the light.  I tried to warn people about certain political operatives, infiltrating our state with their over the top, extremist, negative bullying tactics.  Washington operatives trying to use Mississippi for their own political and financial gain, all while destroying relationships  and anyone else in their way.  They don’t care about our state, our citizens or Conservatism!  People should avoid NGR, FACL and Noel Fritsch at all costs!!  The sooner our state is rid of them, the better off we will all be!  (And YES, FACL and NGR are NOT independent of each other)!  They are run by the same people.  See pictures below!

I am sharing two links to articles from today about NGR and Fritsch.  You can read for yourself what they have been up to lately.  Please Note – Contrary to a statement made in the Clarion Ledger article, Noel Fritsch was involved in most every aspect of the McDaniel campaign.  For anyone to say otherwise is ridiculous and completely untrue!!!  

Many thanks to Andy Gipson and Angela Hill for speaking out against them!!  It’s about time that someone did!!!  

– Read today’s Clarion Ledger article and Jackson Jambalya’s post for more details. 




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