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Here are the 2014-2015 DeSoto County Schools CENTRAL OFFICE Salaries straight from MDE. These salaries reflect the 6% or higher raise that these employees were given this summer. To see last year’s salaries, look in the photos album on this page. You will find the salaries there.

It is very hard to think about all of the teachers having to fight so hard to get their pay raises last year and after going so long without one. It is also hard to think about the pay cut they were forced into taking in 2010, and meanwhile at the central office, jobs have been multiplying like rabbits and promotions and pay raises for everyone.

How can anyone look at these numbers and our last few years’ audits from the state auditor and say we need more money?! We just need to take the money we have and allocate it differently. We need to cut jobs from the county office and quit allowing the ones that do work there to travel all over the country helping every other district than the one they were hired to serve. We need money making it into the classrooms for the teachers and students!

While it is true that ‘some’ jobs are required by law for a district or school to have, there is no law that mandates these astronomical salaries! I will discuss the constant changing job titles, job titles that do not match what the person actually does and salaries that appear to be padded on another day. I will let all of this sink in first.

I have a complete list of salaries, including every employee in the district. For anyone that would like a copy, pm me, and I will gladly email it to you!


14 thoughts on “DeSoto County Schools Salaries 2014-2015 – County Office Personnel

  1. How do I get a copy of this? Also, what resources did you use to obtain these figures? I am just asking for accuracy.

    • I filed a public records request with the MS Department of Education. They sent the salaries to me in an electronic file via email. I am happy to send you a copy of them.

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