For a long time, rumors have circulated around the district about Cory Uselton being related to Milton Kuykendall. I can tell you now, that I did in fact discuss the situation with Cory some time ago. I asked him point blank if he was related to Milton, and I told him exactly what I knew about the situation. Cory told me that he is absolutely NOT related to Milton or anyone else in the county. It was mutually agreed upon, that I would not post anything about our conversation (unless asked by him to do so). Holding true to my word, I am clearing the air now. I like Cory Uselton and believe he is a great principal.

If this is something you need further information about, please talk to Cory directly. If you have any questions for any of the candidates, ask them directly. Now is the time!

As for the superintendent race in general, I know some people think I am obsessing over this race. I assure you, I am not. Actually, I will be working for the Mayor of Madison, MS on her campaign for MS State Auditor. The corruption in this state is overwhelming!! I think It has been made very clear how I feel about corruption. For that reason, I am overjoyed to be working for Mayor Mary Hawkins Butler and preparing for what is to come this election year.

I encourage you to register to vote if you aren’t already registered. There is only one person that can speak for you, and that person is YOU! Let your voice be heard! Register to vote!

If you have any questions about any local or statewide campaigns, please let me know. I will gladly tell you what I know.


2 thoughts on “Clearing the Air About Cory Uselton

  1. As a teacher, former school nurse, and parent of DCS, I have worked with Cory Uselton and have seen first hand how quickly he accomplishes what he says he will do. There is a fire in his heart for DCS that no one else can possibly compete with. The trust he infuses in his teaching staff is something I have not seen or experienced in this school system. The bond and pride he has formed among students is unbreakable. Parents don’t want to vote for him because they don’t want to lose him to county office. My son, who will graduate next spring, is worried Cory will not be there to shake his hand at graduation. I could go on and on. If you don’t know him, please get to know him before you cast your vote. There is a reason he has been recognized on state and national levels.

    I am obviously obsessing over this election as well. It’s so difficult to express to others how great he will be in the superintindent seat without sounding like a politician. I am not a fan of politics due to the corruption in our state. But this guy is for real. He is as honest as they come. As he has stated time and time again, “When you play one of us, you play all of us.” …and he means it.

  2. I mistated second paragraph. Should have stated “I am obsessing over the superintindent election.” Didn’t mean “as well”. Apologies.

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