A Mississippi 3rd grade PARCC test item stated, “Write a five paragraph essay, compare/contrast solutions for the transportation system in India.”

This was shared by a parent in South Mississippi. Her child is 8 years old. The parent also stated that her child is having to sign some kind of confidentiality and no electronic devices agreement every day before testing. Other parents have confirmed their children are signing these documents too.

When the parent asked about opting out of the tests, she was told that she does not have the ‘authority’ to opt out. After asking what would happen if she flat out refused the tests, the assistant superintendent said it would be a truancy issue because it is over a 20 day window. (20 DAYS OF TESTING or testing and preparing for the test)??!!

I can only imagine how long it will take for a 3rd grader to type a five paragraph essay on the transportation system in India. My 3rd grade daughter said, “Mom, that is just ridiculous!! That is high school work.” I just laughed at her and shook my head. She then says, “I’m just saying!”

Thoughts on this?



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