I know a lot of you have asked me about the constant accusations and insults being hurled my way by the DCS county office on certain pages they have created about me. They can make up their paranoid, conspiracy theory stories all day long, but that’s all they are.

The million dollar question here is this.


If I already posted this alleged illegally obtained information then Loper should have no problem telling us what that info is. Where and when was it posted? Why were the authorities not contacted and I questioned about it? Why was I never asked to take it down? If he admits that I did not break in to take this information, why was the investigation about DCR instead of employees? WHY, no matter what, did they think it was ok to use our education tax dollars to pay for a PI and administer a polygraph test to any employee?!!! They all make lots of claims with absolutely NO proof whatsoever!

Why in the world would I or anyone else for that matter want anything from the IT person that maintains the district website or an administrative assistant? What kind of personnel files does an IT Officer or Curriculum Superintendent have lying around their offices anyway?! Don’t we have someone that is the Associate Superintendent of Personnel?! Shouldn’t HE be the one to have the personnel files? It really makes me wonder what was so classified that someone would pull some Matthew Bourne style mission to obtain the information!!!!

Secondly, I have no doubt that my friend downplayed our friendship because she had just received a note in her mailbox at school that said, WHEN YOU BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU, THERE IS A GREAT CHANCE YOU WILL GO HUNGRY!” She received that around the time that Loper posted a personal injury attorney’s phone number on my DCR FB page. I felt threatened. I doubt that made my friend feel comfortable in saying how close we are or are not when she had just been harassed at work and I had just received his message. How did he know we were even friends? He knew because he said that she was the ONLY employee at his school that was FB friends with me. So he, in fact, was already investigating myself and staff. How many FB pages did he have to go through since he probably had 100 employees or so?!

Why was Loper upset with her? Early in the year 2013, Kuykendall sent out mass emails to staff, instructing them as to how to tell legislators to vote on key education legislation being considered: Dyslexia legislation, the special needs bill, the appointment of all school superintendents and charter schools. My DCR posts were aimed at violations by Kuykendall for continuously trying to dictate to staff how they should vote or how they should tell legislators to vote. The email originated with Sam Bounds from the Superintendents’ Association, to Milton, to administrators and finally out to staff. It was not a classified email. If that’s how Milton wanted people to vote, and he was within his rights to do that, then what was the problem?! My friend forwarded me the email.

My friend was by no means a political person nor did she have any ill will towards Loper or Kuykendall. She didn’t know Milton at all, and she actually liked Loper. I didn’t know him, so I had no reason to like or dislike him. It was never about HIM. She was not attempting to do anything other than show me what the school district’s stance was on education issues being considered for legislation.

A few months later, Kuykendall and Treadway allowed a municipal candidate for Mayor to campaign in the car rider lines at two different schools. One of the schools happened to be run by Loper’s wife. I always knew that the candidate attended church with the Kuykendalls and Lopers. I posted again about questionable campaigning going on at the schools. His wife had written a letter of support for the candidate, and that was questionable since they were being passed out in the car rider line at her school. I was told by the candidate that Keith Treadway had given the OK to do so. I did not fault her for anything. She has a right to support whomever she would like, and I knew she didn’t do anything without being told to or given the OK to do.

The posts were aimed at Kuykendall and even Treadway for constantly allowing things to go on that would not be allowed for anyone else. It was a discussion about campaigning violations by the district, not by the Lopers as individuals or as a school. It was always discussed as it pertained to the leadership in the county office.

After Loper’s confrontation with my friend at the school, Loper had a teachers’ meeting. In the meeting, he told the staff that they had a traitor amongst them. Some staff members, including the Assistant Principal, were already aware of the letter in her mailbox. It was quite obvious WHO George was referring to when he made that comment. Loper created a hostile work environment. In his good-bye luncheon in May, he told staff that he would kick the ass of anyone that messed with his wife. We knew that was aimed at us for the reasons mentioned above. Yes, he did leave in June, but he had teachers in the school emailing, texting and writing on social media very negative things about my friend. He continued to post things on DCR. He had their friends and his own sons posting on DCR. Those people trying to win favor with him lashed out at my friend. The workplace was not safe for her. It was extremely hostile.

Those same teachers said unprofessional and disrespectful things to me on DCR. One person was a coach and also a church member of Loper’s at Goodman Oaks. Several of the other teachers were former DCS students that had been hired into the district after college or other careers. There was even an article in the paper about Loper taking pride in hiring so many former students. Does this sound like an environment she could go back to work and be in a good place?! He did not handle the situation with her professionally or by policy.

(And yes, she reported this to the appropriate people as did I within the county office. Doesn’t appear any action was taken since he still does these things to people)!

And for the record, a member of the Governor’s staff had asked me to forward any mass emails sent out by our district to their office. My friend had no idea as to the connections I have in Jackson. The Governor’s office was being bombarded with calls from educators and the information they had been given was false in many cases. There was no conspiracy and everyone in the state knew this was going on in our district. It was happening everywhere.

These things went on for 3 months or so. These are the reasons that I did not feel comfortable calling the county office when the question about Loper’s employment was brought up. It was easier to private message the person responsible for the website through FB than call in to the county office. Other newly hired county office employees had already been updated in the system, but it took more than a couple of months or so for Loper to be updated. They can make up any BS they want to, but it doesn’t change the facts. I wasn’t doing anything wrong, and I have shown people my proof. Can they say the same thing?!!!




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