– George Loper with DeSoto County Schools Responds to Private Investigator and Polygraph Post –

To make sure that I do not misquote anyone, I am attaching George Loper’s response to my private investigator and polygraph post. You can read what he has to say below.

This is my response to him and to the district.

At NO time have I ever asked any employee in the district to break the law or steal information for me. That is the most absurd implication I have ever heard or been accused of doing. I did email a DCS employee on August 18, 2013. This person did not know me, nor did I know her. We did/do have mutual friends in common. This employee is responsible for maintaining the district website (or so I was told). This person updates county office personnel on the district website. I had a question about the employee roster and was told that she would be the one that would know the answer.

George Loper was promoted to the county office in 2013. He finished out the 2012-2013 school year at CHHS and then went to work for the county office as Chief Instructional Technology Officer that summer. In the latter part of July 2013, he was on the news concerning the implementation of Common Core. The news report referred to him as a PARENT and not as an employee of the school district. (Attached below is a picture of that from the news report and a link to the actual news report). After a week or so in August 2013 of checking the district roster with no mention of him as an employee, many people were curious if he was an employee or not. Was his name not being added to the county office roster an oversight or something else?

People accuse me of not going straight to the source before putting out information. That is not true, and that is also why I contacted directly the person responsible for maintaining the district website. I simply wanted to know if it was an oversight. I wanted to know before I posted a story that I was working on for the page.

It was no secret that George Loper had made threats directed at me on DCR. He had bullied a teacher at his school to the point she quit. He had done things that in any other area would have cost him his job. These actions were reported to the district and I did talk to state officials and local law enforcement. I did not file a report (as advised to do by several state officials and local law enforcement) because I had hoped things would blow over. I did not want to over react AND I had my teacher friend to consider.

When Loper’s name was not on the roster and he was being listed as a PARENT on the news instead of an employee, many of us were curious if he was an employee or not. Nothing more, nothing less! You can read my email to this person and their response back to me. It is no big deal and nothing that warranted the accusations of district espionage, the hiring of a private investigator or the administering of a polygraph test to any staff member!!!! I, personally, feel that they tried to fabricate a story to justify hiring a private investigator in an attempt to find out how I know things.

Regardless, his post claims that the PI contacted him on the 18th, but I hadn’t even contacted that staff member until the 18th as proven by the time stamp on our email exchange. What I asked had nothing to do with personnel files or classified information. Who found this PI the very day I emailed the DCS employee? Why did they hire someone that did not have an actual business at the time? Why did they not allow authorities to handle this situation if something illegal had been done? Why take matters into their own hands and why the polygraph? Why not get permission from the board? I could go on and on, but the bottom line is…….. THEY ARE WRONG AND THEY DID WRONG!!!








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