FOLLOW UP: DCS Assistant Superintendent Jennifer Weeks hired a private investigator to investigate DCR and DCS staff. At least one employee was administered a polygraph test. Investigator found nothing!

The first picture posted is of the back page of the invoice from the private investigator Assistant Superintendent Jennifer Weeks hired. The investigator did not have an actual company at the time he was employed by Weeks. He is a church member of our superintendent and of the chief instructional technology officer at the county office. I would say it is more than reasonable to believe that’s how this job originated.

I am also attaching the business info of the private investigator along with the Secretary of State’s business filings on the business. You will see from the invoice that he began work for Weeks in August 2013, but he did not file paperwork for the formation of the business until September 2013. According to his LinkedIn page, the business was formalized and officially started in October 2013. Is this normal protocol or procedure?! You can see that it was in fact Jennifer Weeks that signed off on the invoice. The hard copy of the invoice’s front and back pages have been turned over to the proper authorities.

To make matters worse, Meredith Park, former Formative Assessments Coordinator and close friend of Weeks’s, participated in the investigation against certain employees. Park was given the job of one of the employees investigated after that person had enough and resigned. The individual that was given Park’s previous job is the son in-law of Weeks’s administrative assistant. Does any of this sound ethical? Were either of these jobs posted and were other employees given the opportunity to bid on them?

I blacked out the names of the employees interviewed and/or investigated. They did nothing wrong, and that was substantiated by the investigator. They should not have been put through this to begin with, so I see no need to share their names. The employees listed are the ones that took an active role in the investigation, therefore they should not be given anonymity. If this investigation was legal and above board, they should have no problem taking responsibility for this operation. I do think an explanation is needed as to why the school board was not consulted prior to this action being taken.

I am sure the school board felt compelled to approve the invoice due to the fact work had already been completed. Often times the board is put in unfair positions that leave them looking unfavorable in the eyes of the public when in actuality they had little power to do differently. This could all be changed with the appointment of superintendents.

Whether anyone agrees with me or not, a school district has no right to do this to a citizen or employee. Those that oppose Common Core are starting to experience the retaliation and extreme measures our district uses when opposed. This information has been shared with the proper authorities and will continue to be shared until action is taken.

Unfortunately, an elected superintendent has a lot of power. It is a very political position. Unless citizens stand together, it is difficult to correct these situations. The school board has no real power, and often times, they lose sight that they work for the people and not for the superintendent. They want peace and civility amongst board members, but this conflicts many times with what is best for the people. The system as it stands does not give district the proper checks and balances system that it should. This needs to be corrected.

The Nepotism and ethics laws we have in many cases aren’t worth the paper they were written on and remain unenforceable in a court of law. We have approximately 165,000+ citizens in DeSoto County. It is much harder for the state and MDE to get involved in a battle against an elected superintendent since they were voted in by the people. For those superintendents appointed by 5 school board members as opposed to voted in by 165,000+ citizens, it is easier to get officials involved. These are some of the reasons I have used this page to inform the public and make them aware of wrong doing. Things do not change until people become:
1. Informed
2. Educated
3. Aware of their rights
4. Knowledgable of the law

This may have happened to me today, but it could easily be someone else tomorrow. This all PROVES why employees do NOT want to speak out or go against the district. Too many lives have already been destroyed prior to this situation, but many more continue to become collateral damage. Why would any teacher or DCS staff member speak out if this could happen to them? The ones that feel safe speaking out are those that are only speaking in favor of the corrupt leaders. If an educator agrees with them, they can say whatever they want to say, but if they disagree with them, there will be hell to pay! That’s the truth!

Now, for those that think I am worried about going to court, I can assure you I am not! School districts do not go to this extreme if the person that opposes them is simply an unstable person or liar. $5000 on a private investigator and polygraph test are not the course of actions taken for someone that does not have their facts right. Legal matters take time, but I feel safe to say that they may get their wish after all. I look forward to any opportunity to put my hand on a Bible, sit on a witness stand and say the very same things there that I have here!

George Loper, Jennifer Weeks, Meredith Park, Keith Treadway and Van Alexander should all be ashamed of themselves! Treadway, as the school board attorney, proves further why family relationships taint business practices and should not be allowed. Hopefully soon, this will all be changed and corrected! We have way too many good people in our district to let the rotten apples spoil the bunch!







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