There is a big debate all over social media and in the news regarding school attendance and its impact on educational funding in the state of Mississippi. With all of the contests going on in the schools to promote perfect attendance and the recent controversial letter sent home by one school nurse, I want to ask what I feel is a legitimate question!

IF funding is so low and our schools are so desperate for money, WHY would a school, with:
1. one of the highest percentages of reduced and free lunches in the district

2. One of the most poverty stricken schools in the district

3. a school with some of the lowest test scores in the district

4. A school that literally has put teachers in the closets because they had no other classroom space

5. A school with deferred building maintenance conditions

PAY to tear down a wall that was made and paid for by educators, students, community leaders and John Grisham in order to then PAY $4000 to a home decorator to decorate the foyer of the school?!! Is that smart usage of the money?!

To me and others, it doesn’t matter who the decorator is or how well they are liked! It doesn’t matter how cutesy certain leaders think it is. WAS IT NECESSARY and HOW DID THE STUDENTS BENEFIT FROM THAT PURCHASE?!!!! $4000 could have really benefitted the kids with resources that matter!

I do NOT sit around and look for things to criticize, but it is beyond clear that the district is all about the money except when it comes to how THEY want to spend it. Priorities are so out of line, it is ridiculous! A lot of the expenditures are unnecessary and are of no real benefit to the kids!

If money is an issue, get rid of all of the unnecessary jobs at the county office. Lower the pay for administrators. Quit hiring decorators to redo a school entry way or the county office. Quit paying for individual hotel rooms for every employee that travels out of town. Get people to carpool and share a room. Don’t reimburse employees for gas and mileage when they DIDN’T even drive and in fact carpooled with someone else. Quit traveling so much. Quit allowing certain administrators to take 2 or 3 vacations during the school year, taking them away from the schools they are supposed to be running! Quit putting off building maintenance issues until they reach a point it costs the district twice as much to repair. Crack down on out of county or out of area students coming into our schools. Quit hiring private investigators. Don’t pay for polygraphs to be administered to employees. Don’t spend millions on providing Mac Airs to all of the middle schoolers and high schoolers. Quit hiring your friends as vendors so they can make the money and you can receive the royal treatment and free drinks while away at conferences. Quit hiring unqualified people that keep getting the district sued! Don’t employ your family member’s entire law firm! And this is just to name a few things that could easily be done!!!

Our education tax dollars should be for the students and their teachers! PERIOD! Our schools are not show cases for decorators nor are they simply testimonials to promote their educational vendor friends and family! It’s time to get back to what really matters! Put the kids first!!!

The first picture is the before and the other pictures are the after. Cute? yes. Practical, wise financial decision and beneficial to the students? ABSOLUTELY NOT!






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