Educational spending is of utmost importance to me. I think it is a concern that has been voiced across the country and especially in our state. I want to take a moment to share with you some of my ideas that would be solutions to some of the issues.

I think that every school in our district and across the state should have an ITEMS NEEDED and WISH LIST section on their school website. What better way to communicate a school’s needs than to post it on the school’s website and social media sites?!

Part of the problem with funding is that we have become too dependent on outside sources for funding. Why not go straight to the source of that money and cut out the middle man?!

For example, elementary schools often are in need of basic supplies: Clorox wipes, tissue, paper and crayons. Instead of teachers having to spend their money on these needs, give the community a chance to pick up the slack. We can’t help if we don’t know our help is needed.

Secondly, schools should have wish lists posted. Schools should register at stores like Walmart, Target or the Sensory Shop (as examples) for items that are wanted or that could be useful to have. Even for bigger ticket items, it allows the community and PTAs or PTOs to know what’s wanted to improve the school.

While speaking with the Sensory Shop this week, I realized just how much could be done to help the schools without it costing the district a dime. Teachers can register for items they need in their classes. Principals can register for items they need for the school. SPED teachers could register for some of the specialty items they need to build their classes and/or sensory rooms. There are many possibilities. Think about book stores, art supply stores, music stores or even Best Buy. Given the chance, great things are possible.

Another area that is important to me is community involvement with our schools. As a parent and citizen, I realize that not all kids have the best home life. I realize that not ALL parents have the ability to be at the school regularly or on field trips due to work schedules. I realize a teacher can do only so much. It pains me to see some of the special reading days in the lower grade schools cancelled because of a lack of volunteers and especially when we have lots of people that would be happy to come read to the kids. There are too many people in the community that would be happy to pitch in when needed, but that message has to be communicated.

If you are in a school that had this problem, you call me. I will get volunteers to come to your school!

When parents and citizens only hear about ‘the money’ needed but aren’t shown the numbers or given the opportunity to help, it doesn’t go over as well. A lot of misinformation and a lack of trust can be cured by improving communication.

Now this post is not to place blame on anyone. We have all fallen short in areas. These suggestions or ideas are just my thoughts on one way to help the schools. Just an idea.



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