Well, well, well…….Looks like those test scores DID take a major nose dive!!!! According to the recently released scores, DeSoto County has plummeted to NO longer in the top 5, nor the top 10, NOT even the top 20 in the state!!! DCS is now ranked 28th in the state of Mississippi! WOW!!!!

Now, I do NOT believe this is a teacher issue! This is not a reflection of the teachers in the classroom! This is a result of 2 things: $neaky Pant$ and her district authored Common Core curriculum. Until we get rid of those 2 issues, things will never be the same!!!

The individual school rankings are just as pitiful as the district rating. You can look up individual schools by going to this website:


Just click on DeSoto County Schools and you can then view individual schools or search by school or zip code!

Just remember, students had been performing increasingly better and ranked in the top 5-10 in the state with MCT2 Frameworks and Benchmarks, and not all districts took a dive! Now, as much as I am no fan of Common Core, I am also not of the belief that even that is the real cause of the drop in scores.

When teachers don’t receive ample training and have to spend their summers authoring the district curriculum and purging out the garbage in the curriculum, it is kind of hard to know what’s what! Being a teacher is also completely different than being an author. They were not trained, certified or educated on authoring a district wide curriculum. Those that were trained, did so for the MCT test and frameworks!

How will the kids recover from this complete loss? They will end up wasting years on trying to get it right. By the time they do (if that’s even possible), Common Core will be gone and something new brought in! What happened to just letting teachers teach and use actual, professionally authored textbooks?! Things would be so much simpler!



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