This is the most vile, disgusting, scam artist that I have ever had the displeasure of knowing! It sickens me that MS citizens so easily worship him and regularly ‘donate’ to his GoFundMe site! He is a FRAUD and your money would be better spent being dropped in a trash bin!!!!

He lies, makes up stuff, copies the work of others and then claims it as his own! He is hailed as being the McDaniel Savior and worshipped for breaking the #mssen news that was not news, some fraudulent and has led to nowhere!

While being hailed for saving the day in the MS Senate race, he was demeaning, criticizing and hurling insults towards Foley, the journalist who lost his life recently. He called him a coward and no one to be proud of! He was famous on Twitter for these outrageous remarks condemning Foley for not being a loyal American in the hands of terrorists!

Just when I thought I had seen it all, he asks, “is it wrong that I don’t give a crap about Ferguson?” Then a few short days later, he says, “DONATE to my GoFundMe website for legal fees to obtain juvenile records for Michael Brown!” WOW! He even proves it’s all about some quick money for him! He didn’t give a crap until an opportunity to cash in presented itself!

If this is not enough, Here are some more examples of his work and links to him and the controversy that always seems to follow close behind! Please, people, WAKE UP!!


Article 1:
Here is yet another example of CJ not verifying a story or waiting on a source (or the subject of his article) to confirm information.


Quote from the article: “On Twitter, Johnson has subsequently said he waited three days for Kirkpatrick to respond, and ran this after hearing nothing. I just think a different trust-but-verify approach to this, or to the Newark story, might have saved face.”

Article 2:
Johnson and Boyle report on Senator Mendez and prostitutes, but it later comes out story was planted. Johnson again claims to have a smoking gun, but it never came out in any report that I have seen.


Article 3:
This article is a less than flattering piece about Charles C Johnson, his bold and ludicrous statements and antics.


Article 4:
This article lists several instances of Johnson’s flawed statements , crazy ideals, etc.


Article 5:
This article is about Charles C. Johnson the Mega Troll.


Article 6:
Another less than flattering article about Charles C. Johnson.



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