Less Access To Public Records?! I Think Not!!

Mississippi PEP

Lee County Administrator Sean Thompson told the Daily Journal he thinks the public should have limited access to documents related to how and why county government leaders decide policies, even if the records don’t involve sensitive information. He suggested an option is for officials to limit communication about county business to conversations and phone calls.

“I’m not trying to do anything underhanded, I just try to keep public records to a minimum,” Thompson said.

State law requires local governments to retain and archive public documents for periods of time, ranging from just a few years to forever, depending on their importance. Many records, such as audits, budgets, contracts, property deeds and documents approved during meetings are routinely maintained and archived by city, chancery and circuit clerks and other record-keepers. However, little oversight and accountability exists for maintaining and organizing other documents requiring compliance with the same standards.

Destroying public records…

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