Mississippi PEP

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Chris McDaniel today announced his “Five Promises to Mississippi” on the heels of endorsing Sen. Mike Lee’s Conservative Reform Agenda last week.

“My Five Promises to Mississippi represent the critical change in direction Mississippi has needed during the last four decades Sen. Cochran has been in Washington,” McDaniel said of his plan. “The plan is rooted in policy reform that addresses America’s opportunity crisis. These proposals create an environment for upward mobility among the poor, stability and opportunity in the middle-class and eliminates cronyist privilege – where only the wealthy and well-connected succeed,” he concluded.

Chris McDaniel knows that conservatives must not only fight to roll-back the presidents progressive policies but actually roll-out a positive agenda which creates opportunity for ALL Mississippians and citizens throughout the country to take part in the American dream.

McDaniel’s Five Promises to Mississippi

1. Repealing and Replacing Obamacare


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