The Mississippi Board of Education has unanimously adopted the Common Core State Standards for the coming school year — apparently ignoring the concerns of angry parents. And one ministry thinks it knows why.

Rob Chambers, a consultant for the Mississippi Baptist Christian Action Commission, says the controversial decision was made because the board felt threatened. He notes President Obama’s 2010 statement that states must agree to adopt the standards in order to receive access to Title I funds.

“The state board of education, nor the Department of Education, nor any of the state leadership, meaning the governor, the speaker or lieutenant governor, or even any of the education chairmen in the Senate or House, have made any strides to address any of the concerns of Common Core,” Chambers observes.

Mississippi’s congressional delegates have acknowledged states were coerced into adopting the standards, which almost all of them oppose.

“The bigger question I think to ask … is if our congressional leaders are seeing the problem, then why have our state leaders not acknowledged it as well,” the consultant poses.

Though it is too late for this year, Chambers reports that some would like to get enough signatures for a voter referendum on the 2016 ballot. But by then, Common Core will be well established in the state’s public education system.

– See more at: http://www.onenewsnow.com/education/2014/03/11/whys-nobody-challenging-common-core-money#.Ux8mhSm9LCS


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