Alderwoman Pat Hamilton said in her opinion the resolution was more or less designed to get the School District’s attention, if for no other reason. Talk of creating a separate municipal school district, is just that — talk. Hamilton voted in favor of the resolution.

However, Hamilton said she fully supports the DeSoto County School District.

“I support the school system 100 percent,” Hamilton said. “They are doing a lot of things right.”

Not only would creation of a separate municipal school district take an act of the Legislature it would have to be approved by the DeSoto County School District.

Hamilton downplays any such notion.

“I don’t see us starting a new school system,” said Hamilton, a former school teacher. “It could be a possibility, but it’s not an aim of mine. I’m not for tearing down what we have but believe in making it better.”

Hamilton said Olive Branch has a proud history that has molded and shaped its citizens and that history needs to be taught and reinforced in schools.

“I want to preserve Olive Branch with all of the big city options we have with shopping opportunities and still have a small town feel,” Hamilton said. “I really want what is best for all of the citizens in Olive Branch. It doesn’t matter where those children attend school.”




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