I am so incredibly proud of our city leaders here in Olive Branch!!!! For those that have not heard what all has happened, I will give you the short version.

The documents below are a resolution that the OB Mayor and Aldermen/woman sent to the DeSoto County School Board. It, in short form, is a grievance filed by the city against the district for various reasons. You can read them for yourself.

What it means is that the city leaders know the importance of our schools to the community and how important their success is for the kids, for the economy and for the community. This is a public way of filing a formal complaint since the city does not govern the schools.

The OB School Board member, Milton Nichols, was also voted in as President of the school board. According to the newspaper, former president Ann Jolley did not appear to be happy about this. She was the only one that voted against Nichols. Upon being voted in, the paper said she jumped up out of her seat and immediately wanted to switch positions with Nichols. I guess her true colors showed through last night. She has been board president for years and years. It is a position that should be voted on and changed up or rotated more frequently.

We are so excited to have Milton Nichols on this position. He is a man of great character, and I am sure he will do well in the position.

As for those concerned about the redistricting of the schools, as of now, all things are rumor and speculation. Time will tell what will happen, but I think what people should do is support all that is going on. People complain about the way things are and when changes are made to lead us in a new direction, it can cause concern.

Under the leadership of our superintendent, we have been divided, played against each other, lied to, bullied and many other things that were in no way positive for our district. The only way to start making things right is for all citizens to get behind each other and stand strong together. In the end, things will be better than they have been since he took office.

Thank you to all of our city leaders for looking out for our kids and for our schools!!! We are so lucky to have a city that fights hard for their citizens and for their community!!!! God Bless all of you!!!!

new school year[1]



One thought on “City of Olive Branch Sends Resolution to DCS

  1. Thanks for posting DCR. Glad to see some changes are finally happening. Hopefully this is just the start and more to come. Blessings.

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