I am giving you the email list of all of the Mississippi Senators, Lt. Gov. and Governor’s Office. Feel free to use this to copy and paste into an email encouraging your Senators to support bills important to you. By including all of the Senate on your list, it shows your Senators that you have supported their efforts and/or tells them what you want to see happen on bills of importance to you. Hopefully, this will save you time and make it easier for you to do.

ltgov@senate.ms.gov; cmassey@senate.ms.gov; bstone@senate.ms.gov; nbrowning@senate.ms.gov; rparks@senate.ms.gov; jwilemon@senate.ms.gov; ncollins@senate.ms.gov; hbryan@senate.ms.gov rjolly@senate.ms.gov gtollison@senate.ms.gov shale@senate.ms.gov; rjackson@senate.ms.gov dsimmons@senate.ms.gov; wsimmons@senate.ms.gov; lchassaniol@senate.ms.gov; gjackson@senate.ms.gov; aturner@senate.ms.gov; tbrown@senate.ms.gov; gkward@senate.ms.gov; dparker@senate.ms.gov; jharkins@senate.ms.gov; kjones@senate.ms.gov; bclarke@senate.ms.gov; bhopson@senate.ms.gov; djordan@senate.ms.gov; wlongwitz@senate.ms.gov; jhorhn@senate.ms.gov; hfrazier@senate.ms.gov; snorwood@senate.ms.gov; dblount@senate.ms.gov; dkirby@senate.ms.gov; tburton@senate.ms.gov; sjackson@senate.ms.gov; vcarmichael@senate.ms.gov; hmontgomery@senate.ms.gov; plee@senate.ms.gov; abutler@senate.ms.gov; msojourner@senate.ms.gov; kbutler@senate.ms.gov; sdoty@senate.ms.gov; ahill@senate.ms.gov; jfillingane@senate.ms.gov; cmcdaniel@senate.ms.gov; pgandy@senate.ms.gov; jpolk@senate.ms.gov; bhudson@senate.ms.gov; pmoran@senate.ms.gov; tsmith@senate.ms.gov; ddawkins@senate.ms.gov; stindell@senate.ms.gov; tgollott@senate.ms.gov; mwatson@senate.ms.gov; bwiggins@senate.ms.gov; Laurie.Smith@governor.ms.gov;


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