Words on Common Core from DeSoto County Schools Assistant Superintendent Jennifer Weeks………

At the DeSoto County Schools Legislative Breakfast, Jennifer Weeks explains that DeSoto County Schools has spent over $5,000,000.00 implementing Common Core over the last 3 years!!!!

“Non-educators who are critical of Common Core are trying to shed a negative light on carefully crafted standards that will move Mississippi children forward.”

She goes on to say that it was former Governor Haley Barbour, Governor Phil Bryant and former State Superintendent Hank Bounds that signed MS up for Common Core.

My first question is, what in the world did we spend $5 MILLION on? Can she please show us the breakdown of that money and how it was spent? I think we have a right to see that.

Second question is, what does she have to say about a country full of educators that are critical of Common Core? What about people that contributed to the development of Common Core that are critical? Just curious what her thoughts are on that.

Last question would be, is she trying to say that 2 governors and 1 former state superintendent were the only people in this state responsible for signing us up for Common Core? 2 politicians and 1 state superintendent held all the power and had all of the knowledge and insight? Or did she mean that 45 states made a decision and those 3 individuals simply followed suit?

(Keep in mind here when questioning who really runs the district, you have NEVER heard one word from our superintendent about Common Core. I doubt seriously he could tell you one thing about it. You only hear from Milton when awards and accolades are being passed around.)

References for these quotes came directly from the November 2013 DCS Newsletter.


One thought on “Words on Common Core from DCS Assistant Superintendent Jennifer Weeks

  1. It’s bribery, states that sign up for Crappy Core only get Government handout if they sign up for it. Crappy Core is being exposed for what it is.

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