State Senator Michael Watson shared with us that they will be holding a Common Core town hall meeting on December 12, just outside of Pascagoula. He said that Dr. Sandra Stotsky is planning on attending this meeting. For those that don’t know who she is, I am providing you with some general information, links to some various websites with information about her and a Youtube video. Dr. Stotsky was on the Common Core Validation Committee and refused to sign off on the standards. Her specialty is in English Language Arts as well as several other areas.

There is no better way to get information than directly from those that were involved and that are actual educators. She has a very respectable and distinguished resume. Information about her is below, and for anyone that wants to make the drive, I will keep you updated. We are planning a Common Core town hall meeting in December for DeSoto County. As soon as I nail down the date and time, I will post the information! 🙂


Sandra Stotsky is an advocate of standards-based reform and strong academic standards and assessments for students and teachers.

She is now Professor of Education Reform in the Department of Education Reform at the University of Arkansas, and holds the 21st Century Chair in Teacher Quality. Her research ranges from the quality of teacher licensure tests (e.g., [1] and [2]) to the question of gender bias in the English curriculum (e.g., [3]). She reviews influential books in education (e.g., [4]) and writes op-eds commenting on current educational fads (e.g., [5]).

From 2004 to 2006, she was a Research Scholar in the School of Education at Northeastern University. From 1984 to 2000, she was a research associate at the Harvard Graduate School of Education affiliated with the Philosophy of Education Research Center (PERC). For 12 years, she directed a summer institute on civic education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, sponsored by the Lincoln and Therese Filene Foundation. From 1991-1997, she served as editor of Research in the Teaching of English, the research journal sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of English. On a consultant basis from 1992 to 2002, she worked for the United States Information Service and the U.S. State Department on the development of civic education programs in Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Romania with educators and ministry officials in Eastern Europe. She has taught elementary school, French and German at the high school level, and undergraduate and graduate courses in reading, children’s literature, and writing pedagogy.

She is editor of What’s at Stake in the K-12 Standards Wars: A Primer for Educational Policy Makers (Peter Lang, 2000) and author of Losing Our Language (Free Press, 1999, reprinted by Encounter Books, 2002). Her publications address many areas and disciplines in education and include “School-related influences on grade 8 mathematics performance in Massachusetts” [6] and Progress in Mathematics Research Base (a 2005 review of mathematics education research and related reading research, for W.H. Sadlier, Inc.).

Read more about Sandra…..Click on the following links. You can also watch the short 4 minute Youtube video of her discussing some of her thoughts on Common Core.





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