With Veterans Day approaching tomorrow, I wanted to post some information and links for Veterans and for those who may be looking for a charity that supports them. These links reference local, state and national organizations that provide services for Veterans. I think it is very important to take the time and recognize the needs they have. People that give their lives to protect us, our country and our freedom deserve to be respected, honored and never forgotten! Those that have never served cannot truly understand the things they have been through, but we can support them, open our arms and hearts to them, and remind them that they are loved and appreciated beyond words.

Tomorrow I will be thinking of one Veteran in particular, who was scarred both physically and emotionally from his service to our country. He wasn’t the same man when he came back, but he was still incredibly intelligent and loving. Civilians are not nearly as supportive when these individuals are no longer in a uniform or when there isn’t a holiday that reminds them to be. A lot of Veterans suffer from PTSD. They are left untreated often times and without the services they need. So many people are quick to judge when someone rubs them the wrong way or acts in a manner considered to be peculiar by others. I pray that people will learn to be more understanding, forgiving and willing to help when someone is in need. If a man or woman was willing to give up their lives to make sure we, as strangers to them, are safe and secure, they deserve all of the understanding we can possibly give. They do not deserve prosecution, to be judged or to be forgotten!

Support our Veterans and never forget what they have given so that we can walk freely and without harm each and every day!


Veterans Service Offices and Veteran Owned Business in Desoto County and Mississippi:http://veteranownedbusiness.com/1611/veterans-service-offices/ms/desoto

Friends of Mississippi Veterans

The Veterans Outreach Organization in Collins, MS

Fisher House Foundation:
The Fisher House Foundation (fisherhouse.org) is a non-profit charity that helps build housing near military and veteran medical facilities. The goal is to have as many veterans as possible located near the medical centers that will provide them the necessary physical and emotional care they need. The watchdog group, Charity Navigator, argues that Fisher House Foundation is one of the best charities in terms of utilizing their funds to support troop interests directly instead of administrative costs. Another watchdog group, the American Institute of Philanthropy, awarded the Fisher House with an “A+” rating over other veteran and military charities.

Special Operations Warrior Foundation:The Special Operations Warrior Foundation is centered toward giving funds and assistance to veterans who serve in the military’s special forces divisions, like the Green Berets or the Navy SEALS. The two forms of assistance this organization gives is the financial assistance needed for medical costs and tuition reimbursement for the children of those soldiers who are attending college. Charity Navigator praised the charity for utilizing around 82 percent of its funds toward medical assistance and education reimbursement.

National Military Family Association:The National Military Family Association advertises itself as one of the only charities that focuses all of its funding and programs for all military branches. The main focus of the Association is to help with mental health costs for military families. The money can help soldiers returning home seek mental help, their spouses who are experiencing a myriad of emotions during a soldier’s deployment and mental health funding for children who are concerned about their parent. Charity Navigator states that over 91 percent of its funding goes directly to veterans, and the American Institute of Philanthropy gives the Association an “A+” in its services and efficiency.

Homes for Our Troops:Homes for Our Troops is a charity that helps raise money to build homes for severely injured veterans. The group performs several actions depending on a veteran’s situation. The group may help give money for building supplies or help pay for labor costs to build a house. Depending on how much the veteran applies for in aid, the house built for the veteran is free of charge. The American Institute of Philanthropy awarded the Home for Our Troops an “A” rating, while Charity Navigator informs consumers that around 86 percent of charity money is spent directly to help veterans.

Disabled American Veterans:
Disabled American Veterans has 1.2 million members dedicated to providing veterans with legal counsel and National Service Officers who represent veterans and their families with benefit claims from numerous governmental agencies including the Department of Defense and the Department of Veteran Affairs. The organization also acts as a lobbying group that educates lawmakers about support services for disabled veterans and petitions for legislation to help get them medical facilities and support.

Give 2 the Troops:
Give 2 the Troops delivers support to troops on the battlefield. The organization collects donations of food, clothing and various gifts and sends care packages to soldiers around the world. As of the date of publication, the group has sent more than 115,000 70-pound care packages to military bases such as Camp Hope in Iraq. Give 2 the Troops also helps soldiers keep in touch with their families and communities by sending cards and letters overseas.

At the start of World War II, U.S. organizations including the Salvation Army, National Catholic Community Services and the National Travelers Aid Association offered support for the U.S. military. That support was combined into the United Services Organizations, today officially named the USO. This massive nonprofit provides wide-ranging support services and entertainment events for soldiers in 27 states and 14 countries.

US Wounded Soldiers Foundation:
The US Wounded Soldiers Foundation is a smaller NPO that helps veterans and soldiers at home and on the battlefield. The foundation began in 2003 as a personal quest by founder Teresa Goforth to get better support for soldiers wounded in the Iraq War. Since then the foundation has greatly expanded. It now offers clothing, toiletries and housing in U.S. medical centers so the families of wounded soldiers have a place to stay while their loved ones receive care.




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